Thursday, 17 August 2017

postheadericon The Internet Advantage

With the explosion of Internet information and the time people spend on it, new marketing options are available to target specific advertising nitches. The largest companies in the world now target consumers to get a piece of the Internet marketing pie. The reason is simple to understand.

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postheadericon Internet Usage in Georgia

Cities in Georgia continue to increase their use of the Internet. The larger cities have long had a presence on-line. Over the past year, even the smaller cities in rural parts of Georgia have seen large increases in Internet usage. Each month, N-Georgia is visited frequently by residents from 312 cities in the state of Georgia. Below is a list of the top 25 cities ranked by increase numbers of visitors from that city. With only a few exceptions, every city in the state continues to increase their Internet visitors presence.

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postheadericon Quantcast Traffic Analysis

Quantcast is currently used by 9 of the top 10 media agencies, more than half of the top publishers (by ad revenue), and marketers from every major vertical to define, buy, or sell the audiences that matters to them most. When Quantcast is connected to planning, buying, and media fulfillment, they deliver the marketplace's purest audiences across a broad range of quality destinations.

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postheadericon Welcome to Aha-Media!

 Quantcast BadgeAdvertising to tons of targeted Georgia residents is easy! provides an affordable way for Georgia businesses to quickly increase their cash flow. Our premier Georgia website,, receives over 1,300,000 visitors annually who are looking for fun things to do in Georgia. They are looking for where to go, stay and eat. Vacations and staycations are planned by individuals, families and groups. visitors are also interested in local business and institutions including dentists, plumbers, colleges, hospitals, etc. In other words, these visitors are looking for your Georgia business!  

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